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About this user manual

At BroodMinder we know how important documentation is. Having a structured, updated, comprehensive and easy to search documentation is important for all of us. That's why we're making a great effort to keep it updated in a moving environment where products and features are constantly evolving.

  • In 2023 we made a big leap ahead moving from the pdf document (legacy manual 2015-2022) to the online 'web-oriented' documentation. This opened a large field of usage opportunites. But we kept strugling with updating documentation in multiple languages..

  • In 2024 we are making a new leap by introducing AI and auto translation to every languages! We are excited at the idea to deliver native language documentation to every beekeeper!

How does it work

To use this doc you can :

  • navigate on the left side bar through the topics you're searching for
  • use the search field at the top bar with your keywords


There is only one master documentation and it's the english version. Every other language is auto translated using AI. If you find words or expressions that seem wrong in your language, send us an email at we can certainly improve it!

Also, if you are missing your language, let us know !


This documentation is open source and hosted online at Anyone can contribute by adding edits using the typical Github process..

Every edit is processed downstream and auto-translated to target languages.

Consider contributing and helping all the BroodMinder community !