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W3 and DIY circuit board assembly

What follow will explain you how to assemble the hive scale boards wheter if they are for the BroodMinder-W3 model or for the BroodMinder-DIY


If you purchased a W3 Unassembled-Calibrated scale, all your electronics work is already done and you can jump straight to the next section : Scale Assembly

Get started with the circuit board.

The XLR2 is a multi purpose board and the first thing you'll have to do is remove two resistors with your soldering iron : R41 and R42 as depicted in the scheme below



Now apply labels as shown (in the BAT1 slot)

xlr2 label

Program the board

xlr2 label

Use the pink foam to set the board.


Programing is only done internally at BroodMinder HQ. If you acquired a DIY or a W3 kit, the programming is already done.

Prepare the board

  • tin all 16 pads on a flat surface

xlr2 label

  • solder the battery holder on the BAT2 slot (+ goes with the square pad)

xlr2 label

Prepare the load cells

Now with a permanent marker note the load cell position : J1, J2, J3, J4.

Remember :

Left  Right
Rear J4  J2
Front J3  J1

Now cut a slit on the rubber grummit. tape 4 wires together and pull them with a hemostat or pliers.

Drill a hole in the box with a 1/2in (12mm) bit. Route the wires through the hole and solder on the board pads following the color order Black-Green-White-Red as shown in the picture below


Take care to associate each loadcell with its coresponding pad J[1-4]

Mount the scale feet

Mount the scale structure

Go to next chapter : W3 Scale Assembly