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Bee Life EU pollinator hub

BroodMinder, is collaborating with the Bee Life association through the European Union Pollinator Hub to share critical data related to bee colony health and behavior. This partnership aims to improve pollinator policy in the European Union by leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights collected among beekepers all around the world to support the conservation and well-being of pollinators, particularly honeybees.

As a BroodMinder user you can choose to ** share your own hives** data with BeeLife.

The data being shared

  • sharing is done at apiary level
  • all raw measurements from devices in an apiary are shared.
  • a rough location of the apiary based on postal code.


When is my data sent?

Data is sent daily to BeeLife as far as the sharing is active

If I activate the sharing now, is past data being sent too

No, sending is done on a daily basis. No catch back is done (except for devices being synced manually)

What happens if I move a device out of this apiary?

data from this device won't be sent anymore

What happens if I move a new device into this apiary?

adding a device to that apiary will start to share the data from that moment

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Rationale for Data Sharing

  • Environmental Conservation: BroodMinder recognizes the vital role pollinators, especially honeybees, play in sustaining ecosystems and agriculture. By sharing data with the EU Pollinator Hub, BroodMinder aims to contribute to pollinator conservation efforts.

  • Data-Driven Policy: The EU Pollinator Hub is dedicated to formulating policies that promote pollinator health and well-being. Access to real-time beehive data can provide valuable insights into the factors affecting pollinator populations and inform evidence-based policy decisions.

  • Collaborative Approach: BroodMinder believes that collaboration between the private sector and governmental organizations is essential for addressing complex ecological challenges. Sharing data with the EU Pollinator Hub demonstrates a commitment to working together for a common cause.

Nature of Data Shared

BroodMinder shares anonymized and aggregated data collected from its beehive monitoring devices. This data includes temperature trends, humidity levels, hive weight fluctuations, and other relevant environmental conditions. Individual beekeepers' data remains confidential, with no personally identifiable information shared.

Benefits of Data Sharing:

  • Informed Policy Decisions: The EU Pollinator Hub gains access to real-world data on bee colonies' health and behavior, allowing for more informed policy decisions to protect pollinators.

  • Early Warning System: The data can serve as an early warning system, enabling rapid responses to issues such as hive diseases, climate change impacts, or pesticide exposures.

  • Scientific Research: Researchers and scientists working with the EU Pollinator Hub can use the data to conduct studies that advance our understanding of pollinator dynamics.

Privacy and Ethical Considerations:

BroodMinder ensures that the data shared is anonymized and aggregated, preserving the privacy of individual beekeepers. Ethical considerations include obtaining informed consent from beekeepers and ensuring data security to prevent unauthorized access.