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Bees App

Introductory Webinar with Use Cases

The BeesApp sessions are not yet fully defined. One of the reasons is that we expect an important version upgrade this spring (2024) and we will start training on that newest version.

Target Audience

  • The training is intended for current Broodminder users wishing to deepen their knowledge. It's also open to those considering the system's use and wanting to explore its potential upstream their adoption.


  • You will draw the best if you are already familiar with BroodMinder hardware: scales, brood sensors, Beedar, Hubs.


  • 1 hour


  • In this webinar, we will familiarize ourselves with BroodMinder Bees mobile App (iOS and ANdroid).

  • The session aims to be interactive. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions as we go along.


  • overall structure of the App and conventions
  • Device view
  • Managing of apiaries, hives and sensors
  • Associating sensors with hives and their life cycle
  • Management view with all metrics
  • Alerts
  • Notes

Use Cases

  • Creating an apiary/hives
  • associating and removing devices
  • Taking notes and inspections
  • Monitoring hives on a single sight
  • ...


  • Session summary
  • Open questions requiring specific answers