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Distributor Information

Welcome to BroodMinder

We love our distributors and we are happy to get you set up for success. We are developing sales aids and we appreciate any ideas that you might have along these line.


Once we establish you as a distributor, we will give you a discount code to use in our Shopify web store. You will find that the discounts will apply to most products, but not to the items that we already discount for our customers. Once you enter the discount code, you will see the discount applied.

Any special requests can be entered into the order and Donna will be certain to take care of them. If you need literature or other items, just note it there and she will contact you.

Discounts Available

Our discounts are based primarily on marketing of the product. Our goal is to spread the word regarding beehive monitoring so featuring BroodMinder on your web presence gets the best discount. Note that the discounts are applied individually. The maximum available is 27%.

  • BroodMinder featured on distributors home page (10%)
  • Live data featured on distributor site (10%)
  • Single order > $5000 (5%)
  • Cash (2%)

Getting Set Up

It is easy to get set up. Just send us a note with your desired discount level and we will create code once we see your website.

  • In Europe contact
  • Elsewhere contact

Ordering and Shipping

  • Place the order at
  • Add any special notes to Donna
  • Apply the discount code
  • Submit the order. You can either pay by card or other means such as check or funds transfer. Once we receive payment we will ship the order. We are happy to discuss payment terms after a couple of successful order.

Local Language Translations

Attention international distributors, all of our content is translation ready. If you would like to perform translations for your customers reach out to

Wrap Up

We can also perform drop shipping if you would like. Do do that we need to chat.

Thanks and remember... Every Hive Counts