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The widest range of sensors for beekeeping

Product Name Description
Internal sensor T Small sensor, big benefits. The best tool for monitoring hive dynamics.
Internal sensor TH Temperature and humidity, all in one.
Scale W Ideal scale for hobby beekeeping Best value for money.
Scale W4 Scale for migratory beekeeping, adaptable to a wide range of supports. Tough as nails
Scale DIY A do-it-yourself kit for DIY beekeepers.
Weather station Hyper-local conditions for temperature and humidity in the apiary.
BeeDar A Radar to track bee activity during the day.
SubHub The subHub is both a data hub and a transmission relay.
Hub Wifi Ideal if your hives are close to a Wifi network.
Hub 4G Optimal connectivity with multi-operator SIM card.
Hub 4G Weather Two in one: Data transmission AND weather station (temperature, humidity and pressure)
Hub 4G Solar Endless autonomy with this version boosted with a solar kit.