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Video Library

We've made lots of videos over the years. Here is a list of them with links.


MyBroodMinder (MBM)


Data Interpretation



BroodMinder-W3 Options - We have some updates to our BroodMInder-W3 kits including an Apimaye kit.

BroodMinder W3 Assembly - Fixed Feet - This is a detailed video on how to assemble the BroodMinder-W3, Partially Assembled, Fixed Feet scale.

BroodMinder W3 Assembly Swivel Feet - This is a detailed video on how to assemble a BroodMinder-W3 with swivel feet.

W3 adapter kit for Apimaye hives - Coming soon, a kit to make BroodMinder-W3 installation on an Apimaye hive super easy. This video will be replaced when the kit is complete.

BroodMinder Calibration with the Bees App - We have added the ability to calibrate scales using the Bees app. This video shows how that works.

Other Videos

MyBroodMinder V5 Announcement - In mid-April we will release a major upgrade to, our best in class hive monitoring web portal.

3 Minutes Of Mites - Here is some of the MiteMinder video we collected in 2022.

BroodMinder-Mellisphera Merger - BroodMinder and Mellisphera are merging into one brand to produce products in both USA and Europe.

BroodMinder-CELL Upgrade - We show how to upgrade your 3G BroodMinder-CELL (2016-2021) to the new BroodMinder-T91 LET-M based Cell device. Premium - Explanation of what premium is all about.

BroodMinder-CELL (T91) Installation - Here is how to install your BroodMinder-CELL device.

Troubleshooting Powering On BroodMinder-T2 - If you are having trouble getting your BroodMinder-T2 to turn on, watch this for a few suggestions.

BlogMinder Videos 2021

S1:E1 Spring Maintenance - Here is a little information on preparing your sensors for the coming season.

S1:E2 Why measure hive temperature? - Rich and Theo discuss why we think hive temperature is so

S1E3 Colony Population vs Temperature -This week we look at honeybee population using temperature measurements.

[S1:E4 BroodMinder and Mellisphera- This week Rich speaks to Lorenzo about the terrific work Mellisphera is doing to interpret BroodMinder data for beehive monitoring.

S1:E5 Beehive Monitoring Facebook Group - We introduce a new Hive Monitoring Facebook group dedicated to discussions about hive data interpretation.

S1:E6 SwarmMinder - This week we talk to Rich Hogle and Theo Hartmann about SwarmMinder.

S1:E7 Dandelion Springs - We take a field trip to see Theo's expansive apiary and BroodMinder setup.

S1:E8 Swarm Detection using Temperature - Theo's presentation at the 4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference.

S1:E9 BroodMinder Worker Bees - This week we chat with Elizabeth and Josh about their rolls at BroodMinder.

S1:E10 Hiving Queen Karla's Swarm - This week we watch Theo transfer a colony from a swarm trap to a hive.

S1:E15 Thingy91 (huh?) - Announcing the BroodMinder-T91 with the generous help of Nordic Semiconductor.

S1:E16 Top Bar Hive Monitoring - Theo tells us about his 4 top bar hives instrumented with BroodMinder-T2SM.

S1:E17 BroodMinder-W3 Full Hive Scale - This week we introduce the BroodMinder-W3 full have scale, available in fully assembled or kit form.

S1:E18 Batteries - Let's talk about batteries in your BroodMinders.

S1:E19 BroodMinder-DIY - Here at BroodMinder we offer up our internal components for do it yourself enthusiasts.

S1:E20 W3/DIY Assembly and Calibration - Rich instructs how to assemble and calibrates a W3 kit.