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Quick start guide

How to start the system in 3 steps

1 - Create your account

A single account to create everything: apiary, hives & sensors.

2 - Activate devices

Watch our YouTube video:

3 - Install the Broodminder Apiary App

Collect your device data.

4 - View & explore

Analyze raw (MyBroodminder) or refined (Mellisphera) data.

Need some help?

Tips to install efficiently your devices

Name your hives

Identify your hives: numbered, engraved or painted plate... Whatever you want. The main thing is to be able to spot them from afar, without any problem.

Set-up the system at home

  • Settle down on a large table with your computer, your sensors and some post-it notes.

  • Sequentially switch all your sensors on. Simply check that the red LED flashes for 60s. If your sensor is already on, check that the led keeps flashing quickly.

  • Assign each sensor to its hive by writing the hive name on a post-it note.

  • Enter this apiary/hive/sensor configuration in

  • Make the first sync with your mobile via the Broodminder Apiary app.

  • Check that all sensor data appears on MyBroodminder.

If you have a Hub

Download the Cell App

With this app, you can communicate with the hub.

Wake up the Hub

  • Don't open the hub. It's already ready to use.

  • All you have to do is to take it out from the "deep sleep" mode.

  • Wait for the hub to connect to the 3G network.

  • Make sure it got all the sensors around.

  • You're done, the system is working! Now you can get some well-deserved rest ;)

Install at your apiary

On the apiary, putting the autopilot on

You prepared everything in advance. Now all you have to do is to place the sensors in their hive.

Place the W scales at the back of your hive (on the shaded side) with a 5x4cm wedge at the front, in the same position.

If it's possible, position the hives equipped with W scales closer to the Hub because their coverage is lower than the T2 sensors.

Be careful, if you have Nicot floors, the plastic-plastic contact can be slippery.

The T2 sensors must be centered on the fifth frame head (front view from the left).