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The true power of the BroodMinder movement is in the data from thousands of hives stored for public consumption at

We have done our best to make it as simple as possible for you to transfer the data there. From the BroodMinder App, you only need to push the Sync button and answer a few questions. The app will create a new MyBroodMinder account for you and everything needed to get going.After that the data will be transferred. You do not need to create a MyBroodMinder account before pushing data.

Once the data is on you can see it and combine the data from the sensors into one easy to read graph for each hive.

With any web browser, go to You will need to enter the same username (e-mail) and password. After that you will see a menu similar to the image below.

You will see a graph like this that combines all of the sensors in a hive into one report.

Setting-up your apiary

The creation and edition of hives is done from the Configuration menu, as you can see in the picture below. However, some common functions are also available in the contextual menus associated with apiaries and hives (see below).

New apiary

Each item in the left menu has a contextual menu indicated by three dots "..."

On Apiaries, you access the function of apiary creation.

New hive

Also on Apiaries, you access the function of hive creation.

New device

In the same logic, the sensors are assigned to each hive.

Move device

In the hive menu (above), you can also move the sensor (to another hive for example).

Move hive

It is possible to move a hive from one apiary to another. This changes its location and also adapts the weather to the new location. This function is accessible from the contextual menu and also from the Configure menu, then Apiaries, then in the table the column History Apiaries which enables you to define the location sequence.

Dead hive

Dead or missing hives can be deactivated so that they are no longer visible in the apiary. Their data nevertheless remain accessible and can be used later.

Please note that this action is IRREVERSIBLE.

Viewing data

By clicking on the hive name, you can visualize a graph that combines all the sensors of the selected hive into a single report :