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Welcome to the world of BroodMinder - Mellisphera!

If you're reading this, it's the start of a new adventure. You are now part of the precision beekeeper community. A community that uses information to improve bees' health. But also to improve everyone's practice, thanks to a deeper knowledge of the behaviour of colonies and their ecosystems.

Introduction to precision beekeeping

In precision beekeeping, the objective is to make the best use of all available data to provide the beekeeper with the right information at the right time. The beekeeper is informed in real time of all the events in his apiary. Those that are taking place at the moment, but also those to come. In this way, he can plan his inspections in advance and knows in advance what to expect. The diagnosis is made before his journey to the apiary and completed by the inspection itself.

To achieve this goal, algorithms are our best friends. These are models that analyse the collected information and translate it into "beekeeping language".

Some resources on precision beekeeping:

Overview of the system

The Broodminder-Mellisphera system consists of several components. With this very modular system, you can start simply with or without sensors and then expand the use according to your needs.

Here in a few words are the main components of the system.

BroodMinder Sensors

Weight, temperature, humidity sensors... A complete and at the same time modular range of devices that enable you to equip your hives according to your needs.

All the sensors transmit the information via Bluetooth and, of course, you can use your smartphone to collect this data. Simply download the BroodMinder Apiary App from your favorite store (Apple or Android).


For those who want real-time data, the hub is the solution. This autonomous box must be installed in the middle of the apiary. It automatically reads the information from all the sensors and transmits them via the 3G/4G cellular network or WiFI to the cloud, where they are processed.

The data transmitted by your phone or by the hub arrive on the portal. In this space, you can configure your apiary, your hives and assign your sensors to them. You can also visualize the raw data on fluid and interactive graphs.

The portal is directly connected to MyBroodminder. The raw data is analysed and translated into information directly usable by the beekeeper. Colony health, honeydews, detection of multiple events... We implement algorithms that analyse what is happening in the apiary to inform the beekeeper at the right time, thanks to the integrated alert system.

And the adventure begins!

We hope that this first round makes you want to continue discovering the full potential of the system. Each brick that makes up the system has its own features and you will explore them in greater depth as you go along.